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Why choose Ralf-Ulrich Löw Astrological Consulting and Astrology Frankfurt?

What does a personal horoscope do for me?

A personal horoscope can help to understand oneself (and others) better and thus make life easier. Furthermore, it gives suggestions for the constructive handling of one’s own predispositions and shows ways to new patterns of behavior. It serves the personal growth, the personal development as well as the better handling of personal and collective crises, such as wars or pandemics .

What can I imagine under psychological astrology?

Psychological astrology is a direction of individual astrology. It is about a deeper understanding of how one can recognize oneself and thereby actively shape one’s life. Other well-known directions of individual astrology are the Hamburg School, the Munich Rhythm Theory, the Huber School and transpersonal astrology. In contrast, Mundane astrology deals with areas, places and countries of the earth.

What information do I need for a personal horoscope?

The birthday, the year of birth, the exact time of birth and the place of birth.

How do I get my exact time of birth?

In many cases, the own mother can be helpful, a baby passport or the birth certificate. Otherwise, the exact time of birth for people born in Germany can be determined via the registry office of the place of birth (information from the birth register, subject to a fee). Please contact me personally if you cannot determine your birth time. In these cases, there are other ways to find out the exact time.

Zoom, Teams, Skype or Facetime, which platform do I need?

After booking an appointment for the astrological consultation, you will automatically receive the link for the Zoom video conference by email. However, it is also possible to carry out the astrological consultation via Teams, Skype or Facetime. In this case, please contact me personally and I will send you the relevant link manually.

How is the process of Astrology Consulting?

An initial consultation (personal horoscope analysis) takes about 1 ½ – 2 hours. The consultation takes place by phone or video telephony (please ensure a stable LAN/WLAN connection in advance). Follow-up consultations take about 1 – 1 ½ hours, depending on the topic. An astrological consultation should not be done on days when you are rushing from appointment to appointment. In particular, some rest time should be scheduled immediately afterwards.

What are the subjects of an initial consultation?

Before our appointment, I prepare the natal chart (Natal Chart). After Sun, Moon and Ascendant we look at the partner search image, professional potentials and the possible vocation (professional houses 2, 6 and 10 as well as the medium Coeli and the position of Chiron). Furthermore emotional themes, potentials, strengths, possible fears, blockades, the personal life task, individual peculiarities as well as family, ancestral and karmic themes. The birth horoscope (Natal  Chart) is the starting point for all other horoscopes (annual horoscope, partnership, etc.). Therefore, the personal horoscope analysis (initial consultation) should always take place first.

Do I have to take notes during the consultation?

All consultations are recorded with a digital voice recorder and then made available as an MP3 file. Taking notes is therefore not necessary.

Can I ask questions during the consultation?

The astrological consultation takes place in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, questions (gladly already in advance) are always welcome and even desired, serve a better understanding of my clients.

What do I do if more questions come up after the consultation?

If any questions arise after the consultation, we can clarify them by phone or email. This service is free of charge within the first 4 weeks after the consultation.

Are there good or bad horoscopes?

Fortunately, there are no good or bad horoscopes. In a personal horoscope, it is apparent which challenges, fears and obstacles are mastered in life and which strengths, potentials and life tasks are invested. Every person is special and has different, individual tasks to fulfill in his incarnation. These are shown in horoscope analysis.

Is my destiny fixed in the stars?

Actually, no. A personal horoscope rather shows what needs to be developed. It shows how and when this development ideally takes place and how it can be promoted. The destiny of a person also depends on the environment and surroundings into which the person is born, how consciously he deals with his strengths and weaknesses, and much more.

What is meant by a partner or composite horoscope?

A partner horoscope (synastry, Davidson Relationship Chart) shows which themes or tasks a connection brings with it. Furthermore, how much agreement there is and what challenges there are to overcome. This depends among other things also very much on how these topics are laid out in the respective birth chart and how well each of us can already deal with these topics or wants to deal with them. It helps to solve everyday conflicts constructively and to cultivate existing commonalities.

For which relationships are partner / composite horoscopes useful? 

Besides the classical partnership, partner horoscopes make sense for parents/children, siblings, work colleagues, friends – any kind of “relationship” can be examined.

What questions can I ask about the future?

Predictions of individual concrete events are not seriously possible. However, astrologically we can very well recognize times or time phases in which the personal “earth shakes”, in which great challenges or change processes are announced. Topics and trends that are emerging in the near future will be discussed in terms of their opportunities and threats, and we will look for constructive ways to deal with them. I use the following methods for forecasting: The Solar Return Chart, the Progression, the Solar Arc, and the current Transits.

What is astrocartography?

Astrocartography means the quality of space/location. Thus, in addition to his individual birth chart, which is based on the quality of time, each person also has an individual relationship to the geographical areas of the world. For this one takes certain parts from the birth chart and projects them as so-called planetary lines on the world map.

What can I find out for myself with the help of astrocartography consulting?

All questions related to the quality of space/location can provide clarity with the help of astrocartography advice, for example: What is a good place for me to live/work? Where can I find a life partner? Where do I retire? What are suitable travel destinations? Why can’t I get ahead professionally in Germany? Which place is good for my health? An astrocartography consultation can give us very valuable impulses for upcoming places to stay?

How much does an astrological consultation cost?

A consultation costs 120,- EUR/hour*. The initial consultation lasts approx. 1 ½ – 2 hours, follow-up consultations 1 – 1 ½ hours (depending on the topic). After the consultation, each client receives an invoice by email (in PDF format). The amount can then be paid by bank transfer or paypal. You can find the current prices under Consulting Offerings.

* Partnership consultation 180,- EUR/hour.

Can I give Astrology Consulting as a gift certificate?

Astrology Consulting is very well suited as a fancy, individual gift idea. The amount of the voucher is freely selectable, there is no expiration date. The voucher is available as a PDF file (can be sent by e-mail on the same day) or as a high-quality card (with envelope, postage approx. 1 – 2 days).

Will my data/the conversation be treated confidentially?

All data transmitted to me as well as the recording of the conversation will be treated confidentially and protected against misuse by technical and organizational measures according to DSGVO. As a member of the German Astrologers Association (DAV) I have furthermore taken the DAV professional vow.

How seriously can I take a newspaper horoscope?

Newspaper horoscopes have nothing in common with personally prepared horoscopes, which are based on the birth data of an individual person. They contain only generally valid statements, partly fitting to the sun signs. Horoscopes of this kind should not be believed, really accurate statements are purely coincidental.

What do my clients say?

It was not my first astrological reading, but my best. Through the audio recording I had the possibility to listen to the course of the conversation, the contents and constellations several times afterwards and to trace them. Because as a layman, one must first understand the forces and images that arise in such an astrological consultation by feeling, beyond the words said. I found this technical possibility and the repetitive listening very helpful, because I realized how much less I would have taken out of the session otherwise.

What I appreciate about Ralf is his clearly structured approach to explaining a complex horoscope picture, but even more so that he empathizes and offers constellations – even difficult and tense ones – as possibilities. Planetary constellations and mythological images are, after all, initially abstract energies. The concretization and realization is a creative process, and only every human being can feel the own truth in himself and draw the consequences for the own life design from it. Ralf-Ulrich Löw is a very experienced, competent and respectfully empathetic companion for this translation process.

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