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Astrology Consulting Frankfurt: Personal horoscope analysis – prognoses, help, and orientation in important questions of life

Astrology Consulting can be done in person as well as by phone, or by video telephony (ZoomMS TeamsSkype, FaceTime). All conversations are recorded and then made available as MP3 files.

Topic areas


Personal horoscope analysis, interpretation natal horoscope
In preparation for the appointment, I create the Natal Chart. After Sun, Moon and Ascendant we look at your partner image, professional potentials and your vocation (information about this is given by the houses 2, 6 and 10 as well as the medium Coeli and the position of Chiron). Furthermore, we look at emotional issues, potentials, strengths, possible fears, blockages, obstacles, the personal life task, individual characteristics as well as family, ancestral and karmic issues.
Duration approx. 1 ½ – 2 hrs., fee 190,- 

Annual horoscope, solar return chart
An annual horoscope (solar return chart) covers the present and future time quality (approx. 12 months).
Predictions of individual concrete events are not seriously possible. However, astrologically times or time phases can be recognized very well, in which the personal “earth trembles”, in which great challenges or change processes are announced. For this I use the following methods: Solar Return Chart, Progression, die Solar Arc as well as current Transits.
Duration approx. 1 hour, fee 120,- € (30,- € per additional 15 minutes or part thereof)

Partnership consulting
A partner horoscope (Synastry, Davidson Relationship Chart / Combin) shows which themes or tasks a connection brings with it. Furthermore, how much agreement there is and what challenges there are to overcome. This depends among other things also very much on how these topics are laid out in the respective birth chart and how well each of us can already deal with these topics or wants to deal with them. It helps to solve everyday conflicts constructively and to cultivate existing commonalities. This consultation is also very suitable as a wedding gift.
Duration approx. 1 hour, fee 180,- € (30,- € per additional 15 minutes or part thereof)

Astrocartography consulting
What influences does your current place of residence have on your mental and physical health and is it at all conducive to your personal development and career? What are good destinations for you?

Astrocartography means the quality of space/location. Besides his individual birth chart, which is based on the quality of time, every human being also has an individual connection to the geographical areas of the world. Parts from the birth chart are projected as so-called planetary lines on the world map.
Duration approx. 1 hour, fee 120,- € (30,- € per additional 15 minutes or part thereof)

Career horoscope, vocation
Choosing a career is probably one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. It is never too late to turn your profession into a vocation. In the run-up to the appointment, I prepare the Natal Chart (radix). In the session, we look at all the professionally relevant horoscope components. Information about professional potentials and the vocation give, among other things, the houses 2, 6 and 10 as well as the medium Coeli and the position Chiron.
Duration approx. 1 hour, fee 100,- € (25,- € per additional 15 minutes or part thereof)

Children & Teen Horoscopes
A children’s or teen horoscope (e.g. for difficult offspring) can be very useful, because both parents and their offspring benefit from a horoscope for children. Talents and problem areas in the core of a child’s character can be identified at an early stage, giving parents valuable help in raising them. Furthermore, they can influence their child’s potentials and dispositions through education (or as a role model).
Duration approx. 1 hour, fee 100,- €.

Written Baby Horoscopes
Smart parents have a baby horoscope drawn up after the birth of their new family member.
What do the constellations say about the character of their child and which characteristics are typical for their little darling?
(approx. 35 pages as PDF file, a photo can be inserted)
Fee 50,- €

Symbolon card consultation
Often it is only a single question, a single conflict or an unsolved situation that moves a person. For these cases there is the possibility to work out a solution with the help of the Symbolon cards. The spread system I use consists of drawing 5 cards, the sequence of cards on the one hand gives insight into the blocking energies, on the other hand it builds a bridge to the future. The person has to go his own way, but now he knows what is currently making it so difficult and what can get him moving again.
Duration approx. 1 hour, fee 100,- € (25,- € per additional 15 minutes or part thereof)

Business Astrology
In this case, it is a multi-step, job-related analysis of the birth chart, based on 3 astrological sub-areas, including a subsequent personal consultation.
First, I create the personal natal chart, and analyze it with a focus on career-related topics such as communication, leadership style, conflict readiness, creativity, sales strength, dealing with stress, and much more. The analysis is completed by looking at the current quality of time (annual horoscope, solar) as well as the current place of work (Astrocartography). The second step is the 2-hour consultation, which can take place in person or via video telephony.
Business Astrologie Website (in German)
Duration approx. 2 hours, fee 490,- €

Fee for the combination of 2 or 3 consultations on request.
Fees as of August 2023


Astrological consulting is also very suitable as an unusual, individual gift idea. The amount of the voucher is freely selectable, there is no expiration date. The voucher is available as a PDF file (can be sent by e-mail on the same day) or as a high-quality card (with envelope, postage approx. 1 – 2 days).

What information is needed to create a personal horoscope?

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Time of birth

The exact time of birth can be determined in Germany (online) via the registry office of the place of birth (information from the birth register, subject to a fee).

Ralf-Ulrich Löw
Astrology Consulting
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Germany 65812 Bad Soden

Phone: +49 6196 768 738
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E-mail: ralf@astrologie-loew.de