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Horoscope Frankfurt: What can I learn from my personal horoscope?

Astrological Consulting Frankfurt. At the time of our birth, we have a constellation in the sky that describes our character, predispositions and potentials. Our personal horoscope is a mirror of our heart, consciousness, subconsciousness, as well as our mind.

A personal horoscope prepared by me within the framework of astrology consulting helps my clients to find a new direction in life and new goals, it gives inspiration, new impulses and answers to existing questions.


Astrology Consulting: Recognizing yourself in your horoscope and understanding your own goals

The horoscope and astrology consulting reveals true obstacles, blockages and fears, finds hidden qualities and talents that have been waiting a long time to be discovered. Furthermore, it offers a deep insight into oneself and others, a spark and motivation for change.

The goal of an astrological consultation, besides analyzing the client, is to show the way and develop an awareness of where it would be good and useful to work on oneself in order to achieve greater satisfaction in life. An astro-cartography consultation brings us, among other things, clarity regarding the ideal place of residence.


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