An uninterpreted 


is like an unopened letter

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A personal horoscope and its interpretation can help you to learn more about yourself, to understand yourself better and to draw conclusions for your own actions. I have been studying the influence of the stars on our lives for 40 years. After a fulfilling professional life as a successful entrepreneur, I completed a three-year training in psychological astrology (DAV) in 2017. Since then, I have created several hundred personal horoscopes and confidently analyzed and discussed them with clients.

The birth chart has always been the prelude to a fascinating journey through the lives of these people. Discovering, interpreting and talking about it together is always a touching and enriching experience for both sides. The positive feedback from all my clients has encouraged me to turn my passion for astrology into a profession. You can read about the happy path to my vocation under “My journey”.

Get familiar on my website with the approach of my Astrology Consulting and what you can learn from your personal horoscope. In my work as an astrologer I am guided by the insight that also moved C.G. Jung. He once said: “An uninterpreted horoscope is like an unopened letter”.

Do you want to become the best version of yourself? Then let’s open and read your personal ‘letter’ together.



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